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We need your help. Unless people like you speak up now, Congress is about to slash public transportation budgets by about one third. This move will negatively affect every Floridian, both riders and nonriders.

Proposal Underfunds Critical Needs of Public Transportation Systems

On July 7, John Mica (R-FL), Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee introduced an outline for a six-year transportation authorization bill.  The bill, which would replace the expiring SAFETEA-LU, would cut transportation funding by more than 30 percent.  The Florida Public Transportation Association, the American Public Transportation Association, and the IM4Transit Campaign are asking our members and advocates to use the link above to let your representatives know this level of spending cuts is unacceptable. 


We want to stress that Congressman Mica is a lifelong friend of transit and an esteemed member of the FPTA Hall of Fame, but he needs to hear from people like you to demonstrate that there is widespread public support for transit in Florida. 


Public Transportation benefits because it creates jobs, gets people to work, it's green, important to our Florida's tourism industry, provides an alternative to traffic congestion, and helps America's energy independence.


Please forward this email to your employees, friends, riders, and associates. What Congress decides on transit in the next few months will affect public transportation in Florida for decades to come. If you do one good thing today as a citizen, click here or the above link and make your voice be heard. Because the people that want to cut your transit by more than 30% are winning the battle right now. Let's not be silent.


The Florida Public Transportation Association
The IM4Transit Campaign

Media: Please contact Denis Eirikis for further information