Florida Gas Prices Start to Pass $4

West Palm Beach 4/16/11      

FPTA Gives Testimony to the House of Representives

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to read the full testimony.
States, Amtrak vying for Florida's rejected high-speed train money

Click here to see an AP article about the battle for the high speed rail money that Florida turned down.   

Florida budget cuts threaten transportation jobs

Click here to read about the impact of the budget cuts on the transportation industry.      

Ambassador Program

There is still plenty of time to win an iPad 2, and the leaders of the contest aren't yet too far ahead to catch.


The ambassador who signs up the most supporters will win the iPad 2.


Currently, the top 3 ambassadors are: 

1st: Mark: 147 

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3rd: Heather: 21                    

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Pinellas Patriot Wins March Drawing, Cites America's Energy Independence as a Reason He Ditched The Car for Transit


There are still three drawings left, Join Now.

It only took Dave a minute to sign up as a public transit supporter, and he won an HDTV for his time.


Dave Stanton says that the best thing America can do is, "Invest in public transportation now. The country is being bled to death by oil and automobile special interests and the result is shocking, America now sends $2 Billion PER DAY offshore for foreign oil. It makes me sad that we are about to pay $5.00 at the pump and that money is being sent to countries that hate what America stands for. Americans paying OPEC is a million times worse than paying taxes at home".


Check out the facts about public transportation and America's energy independence at  Dave envisions a future where America dominates the world public transportation industry, just as we did the auto industry, by becoming the world leader on building busses, light rail, trolleys, commuter trains, and high speed rail.


A former truck driver, Dave has been taking public transit all his life. "I fell in love with transit back in the days when a $17 per month pass would let you ride anywhere you wanted unlimited 24/7. Now I take Pinellas County Transit with my bike and it's so convenient that three years ago I was able to rid of my car and stop sending my hard earned money offshore".


TecTrans has donated promotional prizes, and Dave's name was randomly chosen from IM4Transit members. He had his choice of $500 cash or a 42" HDTV. There will be three more drawings, so if you have not joined yet, simply visit and get involved. 

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  • May 31 - Transit Roundtable in Pensacola
  • June 22 - St. Lucie Multimodal Ribbon Cutting 

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LeeTran Provided Free Rides on
"Try Transit Day" 

Lee County residents saved money, gas and went green when they turned out in numbers to ride LeeTran for free on Tuesday, April 19.


With fuel prices steadily rising, LeeTran  attracted new riders whose budgets are strained each time they fill their tanks.


"Many people are unfamiliar with our transit system," explains Transit Director Steve Myers. "We may be able to take them to work, school, or shopping at a significant savings. We'd like them to consider us as an alternative to driving a single-occupancy vehicle."


The cost of an all-day pass on LeeTran is $3.50 - less than one gallon of regular gas. The cost of an unlimited monthly pass is $35, or just $1.13 per day.


"Drivers can visit our website,, and use a simple Transit Savings Calculator to find out how much money LeeTran can save them," Myers said.


For those who are considering riding for the first time, LeeTran's website also has a TripPlanner, which will create a step-by-step set of directions for any trip. Those without Internet access may call LeeTran customer service at 533-8726 (LEE-TRAN) Monday through Saturday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.


LeeTran's "Try Transit Day" is part of a regional celebration of Earth Week called Transportation Transformation 2011: Taking It to the Streets SWFL. Its goal is to get Southwest Floridians to use alternate modes of transportation-walking, biking, taking the bus, carpooling or vanpooling. This joint venture among Lee County, the City of Fort Myers, Florida Department of Transportation and more, offers participants the chance to win prizes, save time and money, reduce stress and get active.  


For more information visit, call (866) 585-RIDE or visit UGottaGoGreen.

Transit Trainers Workshop 2011 a Success 

Keynote Talk About IM4Transit


The 2011 combined Transit Trainers' Workshop and FDOT/FPTA/
CUTR Professional Development Workshop was an unusually exciting and successful event. As always, it was a great opportunity to sharpen training skills, exchange information and knowledge, and share experiences with peers from across the country. Campaign Director Denis Eirikis made the keynote address. This was the first introduction to the IM4Transit campaign for many of the out-of-state conference attendees. After the presentation, the IM4Transit "meet up" table was approached by several other states wishing to start similar campaigns.  


A big thank you to everyone who made this workshop a huge success. If you are interested in partnering with the IM4Transit campaign, please contact